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Kybella is a non-invasive, revolutionary treatment used to eliminate unwanted fat. Kybella's active ingredient- deoxycholic acid- breaks down fat so the body can eliminate it through its own natural process. When injected, Kybella dissolves fat cells and the dead cells are permanently eliminated. 

This treatment results in a natural looking appearance and requires no downtime following treatment. Are you ready to say bye-bye to that double chin? Who doesn't long for an elegant neckline?

Ideal Candidates

If an individual has moderate to severe submental fat and is close to ideal weight, Kybella may assist in reaching your aesthetic goal. At PureBeautyNP Aesthetics, we will evaluate each individual and determine whether Kybella is a good option.

Kybella is both safe and effective without requiring the use of any mechanical fat extraction of surgery. After treatment, individuals can resume normal activity without downtime. A consultation is required to determine cost and whether you are an appropriate candidate.

$1200/2 vials

Kybella yields long-lasting results. The best part is that the fat that is dissolved, is permanently gone.

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