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Clients choose PurebeautyNP Aesthetics and Wellness Lounge for their drip solutions because we are educated professionals well versed in vitamin therapy and its benefits. We offer in house treatments as well as mobile services.

Wellness infusions and injections are becoming some of the most "talked about" treatment offerings. These are increasingly popular amongst athletes and celebrities. Our team which includes licensed professionals can customize a solution to meet your needs. 


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Vitamin Injections
$30 ea. or $200 pkg. 4 combo

Energy Boost B12 Injection

Do you feel tired and fatigued? PureBeautyNP Aesthetics offers vitamin B12 injections that can assist with bringing your energy back. Vitamin B12 is an essential vitamin that your body needs to maintain function. Many individuals may be getting the right amount of B12 from the food they already eat like meat, poultry, eggs, dairy products, and fish.  However many of us are known to still be deficient. This is the perfect reason for regular vitamin B12 injections.  

Want a little boost to your metabolism? Lipolean injections are made up of a combination of vitamins and proteins which can promote healthy glucose levels. The LipoLean injection is often included in many comprehensive diet and exercise programs to help with a metabolism boost. This not only improves energy levels but can be great for hair, skin and nails!

Lipolean Vitamin


Fountain of Youth


Known for all its benefits including anti-aging & antioxidant properties.

Contains: B vitamins which are necessary for converting food into energy, Niacin (B3) which is effective in hyperlipidemia and liver synthesis, Glutathione, amino acids, Vitamin C & D

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