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We have partnered with Lutronic, the leader and innovator of aesthetics lasers technology. From their revolutionary fractional laser device providing gentle resurfacing with minimal downtime and fast results to their Hollywood Spectra for tattoo removal, we are able to treat a variety of skin conditions and skin types. 




Skin Treatments

Dramatically different from traditional resurfacing lasers, Lutronic ULTRA™ rebuilds glowing, healthy skin through gentle, non-ablative fractionated treatments. Tunable from mild to aggressive, Lutronic ULTRA offers customized outcomes with virtually no downtime for all patients, all year round. A "Total Pigment" Solution combines both our LaseMD and Spectra


Recommend 3 sessions: $1650.00

(Includes Hollywood Spectra)


Improvement in a variety of issues including: Freckles, Sun spots, Benign pigmented lesions, Lentigo, Actinic keratosis​

All Skin Types

Can be used to treat all skin types and multiple treatment areas. Helps rebuild healthy, new skin across all areas of the body without damaging the top layers of the skin. 

Gentle + Quick

 You will be provided a topical numbing agent for comfort to be applied prior to your treatments.


Laser treatments often provide quicker, more dramatic, and long lasting results than other non-laser treatments.

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